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Introduction to OpenAPI

Brief Introduction

Webull OpenAPI aims to provide quantitative trading investors with convenient, fast and secure services. Webull aims to help every quant traders achieve flexible and changeable trading or market strategies.

The Main Function:

Trading management: create, modify, cancel orders, etc.

Market information: You can query stocks/ETFs and other related market information through the HTTP interface. (NOT AVAILABLE NOW)

Account Information: Query account balance and position information.

Subscription to real-time information: Subscribe to order status changes, market information, etc.

User Oriented

Webull OpenAPI is mainly for investors who are capable of coding and quantitative trading.

Interface Protocol

The bottom layer of Webull OpenAPI provides three protocols, HTTP / GRPC / MQTT, to support functions and features like trading, subscriptions for changes of order status and real-time market quotes.

HTTPIt mainly provides interface services for data such as tradings, accounts, candlestick charts, snapshots, etc.
GRPC1. Provide real-time push messages for order status changes.
2. Provide data query support for the market interface. (NOT AVAILABLE NOW)
MQTTProvides data services for real-time market conditions. (NOT AVAILABLE NOW)

How to Activate

  1. First, you must sign up and register Webull on the Webull App or on the Webull official website, and then you need to open a Webull brokerage account.

  2. After you have a Webull brokerage account, you need to click [My Application] under the [API Management] of the account center on the Webull official website (users click the avatar in the upper right corner after logging in) to apply for API services.

  3. After the API service audit is completed, you need to go to [Application Management] to create an application. After the application is created, click [Generate Key] to generate a key. The default validity period of the key is 24 hours. If you need to modify it, please click [Modify].


    Note: The modification of the validity period will be applied to the next reset of the key. It cannot exceed 3 times a day for modifying information, generating keys, and resetting keys.

Market Supported

Trading: U.S. Stocks and U.S. ETFs




Note: It ultimately depends on your trading authority. Transaction/quote permissions can be viewed on the Webull official website [Application Management].

Pricing (NA)

Quotes (Coming Soon):

MarketCategoriesQuote Right Acquisition(Please purchase from Quote Market on Webull APP )
US MarketStocksLevel 1: Please purchase Level 1 (Nasdaq Basic) - OpenAPI
Level 2: Please purchase Level 2 (Nasdaq TotalView) - OpenAPI


For trading through Webull OpenAPI, there is no additional charge for the time being. The trading fee is the same as the APP trading fee. The specific charging scheme is as follows:

Webull Financial Fee Schedule