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Q1: What is API?

A: API is the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. Through the API, the customers' own system can be connected with Webull's host system in series to complete quotation, query and automatic order placement.

Q2: Can Webull provide API services?

A: Of course. Webull API is an interface service provided for developers. Investors can make full use of the Webull API to connect to their own customer-designed systems to achieve more convenient investment services.

Q3: What are the advantages of Webull API?

There are many advantages to using the Webull API, such as:

•Customized trading interface and functions

Not limited to the fixed order page, users can develop their own trading interface to meet different trading needs.

•Place orders automatically

Through programming (such as Python, etc.) and API connection, automatic computer calculation and execution (replacing manual order placement) can help improve decision-making and transaction efficiency, so as to win the first opportunity in the market where milliseconds are critical.

Q4: When will the application for API be approved?

A: For API applications, it is estimated that the process will take 1 to 2 working days at the earliest.

Q5: How much does it cost?

A: For trading through Webull OpenAPI, there is no additional charge for the time being. The trading fee is the same as the APP trading fee. The specific charging scheme is as follows:

Webull Financial Fee Schedule

Q6: Do we need to care about identity signature when we use Webull SDK?

A: No, the Webull SDK has encapsulated the generated signature into the SDK, and no additional care is required.

Q7: Why do you add App Key and App Secret?

A: App Key and App Secret are the app-level identities we assign to developers. Only users who have App Key and App Secret can request interaction normally.

Q8: What the restrictions when using paid quotes?

A: Market data for Webull OpenAPI is not available at the moment. We will release the price as soon as the quotes are supported. Thank you for your patience.

Q9: How can I buy market quote?

A: You can purchase it from Quote Market on Webull APP once we offer it. Please stay tuned.